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Training Like Mike Tyson'

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FT on playersonly
  Suicide, Nov 07 2009

anyone want to rail me that has money on PlayersOnly (cake affilliate)

i'm on the final table of 6726507 $1500 gtd. under Aqua Fresh


2nd for $300 =| woo!

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  Suicide, Mar 03 2009

Hey guys, I'm leaving for Dublin tommorrow night, and we got a EuroRail pass between Belgium / Holland , Ireland, and Germany. Anyone have any awesome places I should go visit?

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  Suicide, Jan 15 2009

Looking for an x-fer of 100 stars to FTP, forgot that we don't put those in Main Poker anymore :D No wonder they were all from may 2007 and shit when I searched. Oh well. Anyone who can do it for me, it would be greatly appreciated

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